Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LANDLORD HOUSE (Panga Zamindar Bari)

Panga Zamindar Bari

Court house of Panga Zamindar Bari
Ruins of Panga Landlord House
Ruins of Panga Zamindar Bari located at cinai union of Rajarhata subdistrict about 5 km far away from Kurigram district. After the death of Landlord Rani Lokhipriea her adopted son Debendra narayana conduct estate during Britesh peride. "Konara" or "kongor" was his Designation. From his time Retrogression in the position of his estate, time to time it has been lost. Now you found some broken brick here and there and a decorated pond. Also there has a court house without any damage.

Ruins of Panga Zamindar Bari

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