Saturday, January 14, 2012

MUSICAL COLLEGE (Dinajpur Sangeet Moha Bidyaloy)

Musical College

Musical College of Dinajpur
Dinajpur Sangeet Moha Bidyaloy
"Dinajpur Sangeet Moha Bidyaloy" a musical college located at Chakbazar of Dinajpur District. It is located at the oposite side of "Hotel al Rashid". The musical college was established in 1994. The college was built in british rule time. It's architecture tells so. The red colored building is looking nice. The total building is combination of red color and white color. In bangladesh there are two musical college it is one of them. Administrative building is the main attraction of the college. It has two domes which enriching It's aristocracy. At fist look It is look like a old palace or Rajbari.
Dinajpur Sangeet Moha Bidyaloy
Dinajpur Sangeet Moha Bidyaloy

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