Monday, January 2, 2012


Momin Mosque

Momin Mosque
Momin Masjid
In Pirojpur district 100 years old famous Momin Mosque is located in front of the prominent Akon house which is 200 years old, Momin Mosque located at the Northern end of Mothbaria subdistrict.  It is designed with specialized wooden art work which was a new trend of Endo-Paris and Europeon. For this Cultural Ministry has declared and listed it as a “Preserved Ancient Property” in 17 April, 2003.

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Momin Masjid
Momin Mosque : After re-construction
Wood design inside : Momin Masjid
Momin Mosque : After repair
Momin Mosque : Main door after re construction
Momin Mosque : Entry door
Momin Mosque : Floral pattern
Momin Mosque : After repair
Momin Mosque
Momin Mosque : This Arabic calligraphy is
organized with the words "Muhammad" and
"Allahu" in a geometirc balance which dipicts -Kalema Toiab.
Momin Mosque : After repair
Momin Mosque : Arabic calligraphy, Bismillah
hir'rahmanihr rahim la'ilaha illa' lahu mohammadu rassadullah.
Momin Mosque
Momin Mosque : This piece of woodwork contains
4 Khalifa's names, Hazrath Abu Bakarr (RA)- top right,
Hazrath Omar (RA)- top left, Hazrath Osman (RA)-
bottom right, Hazrath Ali (RA)- bottom left. In the middle,
Prophet's name, Hazrath Mustafa Mohammad S.A.W.
Momin masjid : After repair


  1. With this Green Natural Mosque is My-heart My-Peace My Allah that I am Dr. Momin Ahmed Babul F.F. in EU due to Bangabandhu Father of the Nation Bangladesh that my Sgt.Sultan Ahmed Sharkar raised me from Shaheen School friend of Sheikh Kamal, missing in action! !

  2. A True-Muslim never could KILL Ashraf-ul-Muklukat/INSAN nor could take the Judgement-of-ALLAH in his own Hand but could go to the State-Court of any wrong doing against ISLAM that he/she believes! All Muslim's has AL-Quran in their Hand and go's to the Mosque while BRITISH Divide-and-Rule is a Politics to Make us FOOL & RULE, in our Green Mother-EARTH! OK!
    Dr.Momin Ahmed (HTec-Ag.Engr.Babul F.F.,Holland)