Friday, January 27, 2012


Harisacandra pat or Rajbari

Ancient Harisacandra pat or Rajbari
Ancient Harisacandra pat or Rajbari is located at khutamara union in joldhaka upojela of Nilphamari district.It is situated south side the river charal kata. now it all ruins. There is a Elevation. On the Elevation
are 5 black stone. People says that of that area those stone some time Sink and Arm in the soil. Many people says that it is a grave or building of the king. beside this Elevation there are more two Elevation. In the north side Of this pat or Rajbari there has two pond name Duyo-suyo. Which carry the memory of two princes Anuda and Padun.

Location : 20 km far away from Nilfamari district town.

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