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Tusabhandara Jamindar Bari or Landlord House
তুষভান্ডার জমিদার বাড়ি

Tusabhandara Landlord House
Location of Tusabhandara Jamondar Bari
The tusabhandara landlord house is located on. The Union of North ghanesyama maujaya in tusabhandar council in kaliganja sub district.

A Brief History of Tusabhandara Jamondar Bari
During the period of Maharaja Pran Narayan "Rsik Ray bigroho" happened in 1634 and in that time the origin of tushvandar Murari dev Ghosal Vottacharjo from 24 porgona/Kolkata's Jay nagar came in Koach bihar and in upuonchouki matter get a taluk anstarted to live here. during that time to do religious work land was given by upenchouki matter.Murari dev disagree to take the donation of the shudro king's beacuse he is a brammon.he appealed to take rent for the land. after that the queen agreed to take paddy bran as rent. dew to give rent as paddy bran it was stored near landlord house in the east side and after it was sent to the Koachbihar kings house. with this bran many religious events happened in the kings house. people says that,for the stored bran this place was named as tushvandar. by brammahan murari dev vottacharja the landlord of tushvandar was declared. and in 1935 with his death as long 400 years land owner was camw into an end.

Tusabhandara Landlord House
Why the most famous / important
It is nearly 400-year-old land of the landowner's house. The landowner ramani Mohan Roy Chowdhury, known as man kindly landowner.

Conveyance System of Tusabhandara Jamondar Bari
The distance of it from Lalmonirhat prper is 25 km.Visitors can go by bus in land way.It will take minimum 1hour.

Housing benefit of Tusabhandara Jamondar Bari
Visitors can stay in Lalmonirhat proper district or in Kaligonj proper sub district.

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  1. The distance of it from lamonithat at prper is 25 km .Visitors can go by bus in land way it will take minimum 1hour. house flipper