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Burimari Land Port

Burimari land port
বুড়িমারী স্থল বন্দর
Burimari land port is situated at SriRampur Union in Patgram sub district. It is the 3rd largest land port of Bangladesh.

In 1988 Burimari land port  has been established at Burimari 0 point for import and export goods with India, vutan and Nepal by road way. Using this land port Bangladesh import coal, wood, Timber, Stone, Cement, China clay , Ball clay, Quartz, Chemical fertilizer, Cosmetic content, Animal food, Varity kinds of fruits, onion, garlic, ginger, rice, pulse, wheat, varity kinds of seeds etc from India, vuthan and Nepal. And Bangladesh export Hilsha fish, Melamine and some others goods.

This land port only 14 km far away from Patgram sub district. You can go there bus or other vehicles.
Burimari land port

Burimari land port : Custom House

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