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Biman Ghati or Airbase
বিমান ঘাটি

Between Lalmonirhat district and Mahendra Nagar it is a place involved the memory of the 2nd world war.

A Brief History
In the time of 2nd world war the the fighter planes discharge bombs in many place of Bangla as Kolkata and Asam in 1942. For savijg the east side of India to set up a military deployment the place named "Chinir Elaka" is choosed. Cinir pathar is only 2 miles distance from Lalmonirhat railway station and in the east side of
Mahendra nagar railway statin it is a place of 4 square milein area. Its a place  of jungle which is now included in Mahendra nagar and Harati council. According to the time of 2nd world war it is only the safe place for the aaly side to save Asam and east side.In 14th August, 1945 after the war finished the soldiers of ally side started to come back in their own states. With this popularly known as the 2nd largest plane station closed slowly.

Again in 1958 here plane service began. From lalmonirhat to Dhaka the rent was 45 taka. that time Lalmonirhat to Dhaka the rent was in Rail was 22 taka. Because of being as double rent the corporation usually have to conveyance with empty plane. Once the station was closed.In 1965 all planes are sold by Pakistan government after the Indian attack.

After becoming free in 1972 a decisiion was took to make it the head quarter of aircraft.but this decission cold not be able to come true. Now a unit of aircraft is here.

Conveyance system
It is situated near beside the Lalmonirhat and Rangpur the highway. From the city visitors can go there by Bus or Rickshaw.

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