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Nayabad Masjid

Nayabad Masjid in dinajpur
Location of Nayabad masjid:
Nayabad masjid is located on the side of the river Dhepa in Nayabad, Ramchandrapur Union, Kaharole subdistrict of Dinajpur district. This masjid is situated about twenty kilometer to the north-west of the Dinajpur town. The masjid, established on about 1.15 bighas of land. A madrasa institute has recently been made in front of the masjid.

Nayabad Masjid in dinajpur
History of Nayabad masjid
An oath-ta on the middle doorway records the date of its erection as : ( 2 Jyaistha, 1200 BS (1793 AD) in the reign of Emperor shah alam II ). As per to local heritage, the masjid was built by islamic architectural workers who had come to this area from the west to made Kantanagar Mandir in mid eighteenth century. The workers had settled in Nayabad village and had established the masjid for their own use.

Nayabad Mosque in dinajpur
Structure of Nayabad masjid
It is an rectangle size 3-domed masjid with octangular towers at the 4 corners and measures 12.45m ´ 5.5m externally. The walls are 1.10metre fat. Of the 3 arched doors the middle one is largest. The 3 doors are equal in height and width. The central arch is 1.95m high and 1.15m wide. There is an arched window each on the south and north sides. There are 3 mihrabs inside in the western side. The central mihrab is largest ( hight is 2,30meter and wide is 1.08meter ) than the flanking ones which are same size. 3 Hemisphere like domes cover the masjid, of which the middle one is larger than the side 2 domes.

The terracotta used in the decoration of the masjid have become loose and many of them have been damaged. Now there are about 104 terracotta plaques used in the surface decoration of the masjid walls.
Nayabad Masjid in dinajpur : An oath-ta on the middle doorway
Nayabad Masjid in dinajpur
Nayabad Masjid in dinajpur

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