Friday, January 27, 2012


Chaprajhat Masjid

Chaprajhat Masjid
Chaprajhat Mosque
Chaprajhat Masjid is located at Paharvanga village in Atwari sub district of Panchagarh district. It is a mughal architecture sign. This mosque was build during the Mughal period.  This masjid was established by a person named Shahad Mondol, in 1300 hijri. There are three Domes and 4 small towers on the mosque . Some part of the Mosque wall has terracotta arts. The Masjid has a wide brick made compound, with an arch at the gate. This arch has the similarity with Mirzapure Jamei Masjid. The Masjid length is 25 ft and width is 15 ft. Chaprajhat Mosque is not far away from Mirzapur Jamei Masjid. Both Masjid was affected by earthquakes.  It is assumed that the worker of Mirzapure Jamei Mosque, was involved during the established of Chaprajhar Mosque.
Chaprajhat MOSQUE

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