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Bara Jamalpur Masjid
Bara Jamalpur Mosque is situated at the village Bara (bada) Jamalpur under Sadullapur Thana of Gaibandha district, about 12 kilometres east of Pirganj Thana headquarter, and 6 kms due west of Sadullapur Thana headquarter.

This rectangular three-domed mosque is raised on a low plinth. length internally north to south 11.40 m and width east to west 3 m. Externally, 13.90m by 5.50 m. There are three arched door, of which the central one is slightly larger. There is two window filled with brick grills in the north and south walls, a single mihrab on the qibla.

There is no correct evidence of is established date. But local people says that a person named Haji Jamaluddin built it. There is no epigraphic evidence of its date. But local tradition relates that Haji Jamaluddin, He was a local revenue officer of Mughal administration. who lies buried on the northern side of the mosque compound. The Masjid named after him. On the ground of its style similarity with the dariyapur masjid. For that an early 18th century date may be suggested for the masjid.

Source: banglapedia
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