Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Chilmari Port

Chilmari port
Chilmari Bandor
Chilmari port is located bank of the Brahmaputra river about 35 kilometer south from Kurigram district headquarter.Importance Brahmaputra river and Chilmari port is undesirable. Brahmaputra is 8th largest river of the world. popular Bhaoyaila songs of Abbas Uddin about Chilmari Bandor is also now Folk resource of Bangladesh. in the time of British period many large ships up and down by the Brahmaputra river. At present this port is Use of ineligible dew to reduce of Navigability. Now only Shipping - Transport is available and in a little range, the port is used too.
Chilmari port


  1. it is not Bhaoyaila it is vaoaiya a folk song of the for more information Edward gait's A history of Assam and many other books is there in the national Archive for the past and recent history. you will get maps also there.

  2. correction about the sender it is not asma ali it is Mir Ali akhtar