Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Baparipara Shahi Masjid

Baparipara shahi Masjid
Baparipara shahi Masjid
Baparipara shahi Masjid Is located 1 km distance from rajarhata sub district of Kurigram district. The masjid length is 32 feet and width is 10 feet. Masjid surrounded by 3 ft high wall. The mosque has three door .  a decorated gate, 2 tower and 4 high towers situated on the four corner of the masjid. More 8 tower situated beside the 4 tower.  On the center of the roof there have three big domes. There has no inscription about the masjid. From its architecture design guess that its age is about 200 years old. In the front of the Masjid  there is a big tank.

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